Abundance Activator Sessions with Akashic Records (3 Sessions)

Experience powerful belief change and energetic techniques to identify + clear what's blocking you from having greater abundance, joy, love, freedom and/or wellness in your life. (3 sessions @ 60 min)


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I had a block around up-leveling my finances, relationships, and career (life purpose). I seemed to always get to a certain point and then hit a major roadblock, and I could never get further. I think we covered more ground in a one-hour session than I uncovered in 5 therapy sessions! In all areas of my life now, things are moving forward, opening up, and shifting in ways I couldn’t even have dreamed of! I’m now 6 months into my current position with a new firm, and I have just been promoted, received a raise and pushed through my glass ceiling on my belief of what I am worth and have the ability to earn. Thank you for this session, Christine! It was such a game changer for me!! - Stephanie LaMania

My first session with Christine was incredible! I went in feeling stuck in an endless cycle of shame with my business and how I was progressing with it. I’d hit a ceiling, didn't know how to progress and had so much doubt in my ability to turn things around. Christine has a way of making you feel safe and protected throughout the process. The insights I got were things that I never would have seen for myself… and yet it was the exact thing that I needed to move forward. I’m jazzed. Complete. Full. And EXCITED to work on my business. And even better, I made two sales in the two days after my session with Christine, after an agonizing period of no sales. The “real world” changes are manifesting so fast! I highly recommend working with Christine if you’re feeling stuck, unsure or frustrated with your situation and you’re ready for deep inner transformation and meaningful, real-world results, too! -Ellie McMillan

The Akashic Records session with Christine went above and beyond what I was expecting!! I’d been struggling with feeling that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or didn’t have a lot of value to offer the world, despite years of working on these issues. Even though I knew those thoughts weren’t true, I wasn’t able to shake them, and I wanted to know where they were coming from, clear them out and finally find peace. During the session with Christine, I received profound insights into the root causes of these beliefs and physically felt a massive shift in my energy. I’m calmer, sleeping better and feel liberated from the burden of others’ emotions I’d been carrying. I now have such a lighter bounce to my step and my soul feels expansive and confident! If you’re looking for answers to challenges you haven’t been able to figure out, these sessions with Christine are the godsend you’ve been waiting for! – Chris Stoner

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